Q: Will The Heartless Divine have a sequel?

A: THD is a duology, so there is one upcoming sequel! It’s currently undergoing revisions, which I discuss from time to time on Twitter. Any updates on the book’s publication will be posted there as well. Depending on interest, I might go ahead with a few other short stories of folk tales and myths from the universe that I’ve been working on.

Q: Will ARCs be available for your future books?

A: I do plan to distribute ARCs for THD2 in the future. I’ll likely update my Twitter and website with information on that once we move closer to publication if that’s something you’re interested in. Regarding other projects, that’s nothing I can be sure of at the moment.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I spent my early childhood in Illinois where I was born and later North Carolina before finally moving to the SF Bay Area. I’m a second-gen (bro how do generations work) Tamil immigrant, and my experiences with my culture and heritage have strongly influenced me and the types of stories I’m drawn to and want to tell myself.

Q: How did you start writing?

A: I honestly can’t remember when I started writing! My parents would take me to bookstores every weekend when I was a kid, and so my memories of early childhood are tangled up with all sorts of stories. The earliest story I remember writing was an attempt at a girl and her pet dog solving mysteries together when I was 8, but that went nowhere. I’ve written a lot of different projects (and yes, finished some absolutely terrible novels), but THD is the first one I decided to publish. With that said, I do think that they were all necessary. It was good practice, and a lot of them taught me important lessons about craft and storytelling as a whole.