The Heartless Divine

From Anthony Avina’s Blog: (10/10)

An evenly paced read filled with action, romance and heavy doses of legends, author Varsha Ravi has created a fantastic modern day fantasy novel that will give fans of mythology a narrative to deep dive into with ease…

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From Artisan Book Reviews: *****

Her debut novel is truly a captivating story about the bonds of love from the lovers’ mystical past transcending into the present world. This kinship comes with many unexpected pivotal twists and turns and dips into the world of black magic…

This young debut author can give Stephen King a run for the money. It is that good! For teens, young adults and all fantasy readers, Artisan Book Reviews is extremely proud and delighted to recommend and feature The Heartless Divine – skillfully composed by an extraordinarily talented, creative and incomparable writer, Varsha Ravi. Not only must readers read this book, but they need to keep their eyes on this young author, and recommend her book(s) to everyone they know!

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From Self-Publishing Review:

For a debut novel from a young author, this is a remarkable work of fiction: inventive, immersive, and patiently penned. Ravi wields language like a brilliant paintbrush, playing masterfully with imagery and metaphor, and capturing complex emotions in the poetry of her prose. Juggling two completely disparate timelines and blending them within a compelling and convincing story can be challenging for even a veteran writer, yet this book sings with clarity and intention.

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