The Forsaken Souls

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Tragedy haunts reincarnated lovers Suri and Kiran as they struggle against unexpected foes in this lush and mesmerizing sequel to The Heartless Divine.

After a tumultuous New Year’s, Suri is ready to put the past behind her, giving up on the mystery of her family’s death against the muted backdrop of Kiran’s conclusion to the myth of his mortal life. 

But the threads that bind them stretch farther than a single life, and the magic that once led the god to Suri’s doorstep has other plans. 

Drawn into a labyrinthine punishment centuries in the making, Suri and Kiran quickly learn that  with other souls tangled in the tragedies they’ve shared since the fires of Marai, there is more at stake than a simple love story. 

As ancient ghosts and dark secrets spill out into the light, revealing a bitter tale of betrayal that defies myth itself, gods and mortals alike are forced to confront how far they are willing to go to protect those they love and avenge all those they have lost.

trigger warnings: blood, fire, minor descriptions of gore, war themes, murder, death, self-harm, PTSD, mentions of implied violence against women (in one line), alcohol use, nausea/vomiting, kidnapping, mind control, torture, hallucinations/unreality